PES uses the most up to date technologies available at the time that they prepare reports, and provide consultations for your project.

PES is investigating the most up to date technology in waste to energy systems, wastewater systems, and alternative energies. PES will make sure that the development of these technologies will include the proper insurance and planning so that your company can be confident in these systems.

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Alternative Energies

Waste to Energy Systems: 


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Waste to Fuel 







There are technologies that PES will help their clients utilize that will produce biofuels and biodiesels from non-corn based materials. According to the Energy and Security Act, 2007, the total biofuels added to gasoline must increase and about 60% of it must be from non-corn based fuels. To help accomplish this PES works with their clients to utilize biofuel technology.

Cellulosic Ethanol: PES is also interested in furthering the advancement of cellulosic ethanol, and is willing to help energy companies or communities who are interested in investing in this technology.

Cellulosic ethanol is a system that will utilize wood, grass, and non-edible parts of plants to produce ethanol that is more sustainable than current options. Studies have reported that cellulosic fuels have a greater reduction of greenhouse gases than the current systems (see the US Department of Energy website for reports).

Biofuels: The dominant oil used to produce biofuels has been focused around soy oil. 

PES works to help client utilize the technologies needed to produce biofuels and biodiesels, they will also help clients to find a market for their biofuel products and help clients to produce biofuels and biodiesels from their raw materials.


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Alternative Energy Technologies 

PES is also working to advance other alternative energy technologies. This includes solar energy, wind energy, and tidal energy.

Solar energy: PES will help your community or company come up with a plan that incorporates solar technology at any scale. PES will help clients come up with a plan that utilizes solar or solar thermal energy, helping to reduce energy costs for your company or community.

This could include using solar towers, solar panels, parabolic troughs, fresnal reflectors, or solar dishes.

PES can help your company or community find the type of solar system that is the most appropriate to meet the size of your company, and your energy demands. Whether the idea is to install panels on company rooftops to reduce energy consumption for corporate headquarters, or for solar systems that will supply energy for in-the-field operations PES can help you plan and develop the system.

Wind energy: PES will also help your community or company to utilize wind power that is appropriate in your area of operation. They will help you to decide on the best horizontal axis turbine design (or a vertical axis wind turbine if the situation calls for it) and help you come up with a scale for the project.

PES is ready to assist your community or company in putting together a wind energy system whether it is one turbine for a small community or a wind farm for a city’s needs.


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Wastewater Systems

Destruction of water sources due to waste water, saltwater intrusion, and other contaminants is creating a concern all over the world for the availability of clean water. Wastewater treatment technology allows water to be run through a system that will filter out waste solids before the effluent (remaining water) is discharged back into the environment, or reused. PES has available for their clients the newest technologies in waste water treatment and water purification so that they can help businesses or communities receive the best technology to solve their clients’ water problems.

PES is promoting innovative membrane, commercial water purification systems sold from a company who specializes in water purification.  This system is highly efficient and will cut maintenance, operation, and labor costs while reducing the overall environmental footprint compared to other wastewater systems. 

This system can handle all kinds of feed water, including well water, Frac water, bilge water, sewage water, wastewater streams including sugar or hazardous waste, municipal or industrial water, and seawater, while producing clean water that is well within regulatory requirements.  Unlike older systems where some of these streams have created problems this new system has removed the problems of the past, and users of this system will have membrane systems that last longer, and are more efficient than ever before.

PES is bringing their clients these innovative systems that can be designed to be any size or diameter, and can integrate devices for brackish water or seawater.  These unique systems are small and mobile; shipped as one unit they ready to use on arrival with limited maintenance compared to conventional systems. Successful systems have already been in use where the system is processing 2% solids with very little energy use. 

PES has found a system that not only reduces the footprint but will also provide the users with a competitive advantage through cost reduction, and reduced energy consumption while increasing performance, efficiency, and regulatory compliance. 

If your business, or community, is in need of a system that is efficient and green, then PES can help you develop a plan that will incorporate this water purification technology into your business to solve your waste water problems.










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