Corporate Profile / 公司简介


Phoenix Environmental Systems LLC is a global developer of sustainable communities with a primary focus on infrastructure integration of state of the art technologies in waste to energy, wastewater treatment, “smart grid” energy management and alternative energy generation.  PES and its partner organizations bring together considerable experience and expertise in the design, construction and management of projects oriented both to remediate existing environmental and energy management concerns as well as to establish new communities as models for future sustainability. PES uniquely brings together technical experts and businessmen with many years of hands-on experience to craft environmental solutions which incorporate the most recent technology in a cost-effective manner.  Through project conception, evaluation, development, completion and management, PES is committed to full functionality and adherence to financial parameters in the realization of its customer’s objectives.
凤凰环保系统公司主是一家专注于能源,废水处理,“智能电网”的能源管理和替代能源发电的全球性开发商以最先进的技术设施一体化为基础。 凤凰环保和其合作伙伴组织带来了相当丰富的经验和专业知识为导向,既要修复现有的环境和能源管理问题以及未来的可持续发展的模式建立新的社区项目的设计,建设和管理。凤凰环保唯一汇集技术专家和商界多年的双手经验,工艺环保的解决方案,其中包括最新的技术和最效益的成本。通过项目构思,评估,开发,竣工和管理,凤凰环保致力于完整的功能和遵守财政参数来实现客户的目标。


Company History

Although Phoenix Environmental Systems has a short history, its strength is in the executives who constitute the core management group.  Each of them has extensive backgrounds in the technologies which are the focus of the business and in international management.  They have agreed to pool their capabilities in order to provide a focused and rapid response to the needs of their customers. Recently initiated is a large scale sustainable community project in a coastal region of China, currently in its financing stage.